Prolingua is a very focused and committed group of training professionals whose objective is to provide a service that exceeds our client’s expectations on all dimensions. Prolingua is co-owned and managed by Mark Lewis and Masao Maeda, who together founded the company in 1994. Since then, Prolingua has grown steadily and now has more than 50 corporate clients. To serve these clients, Prolingua has assembled a team of topflight trainers, supported by five key administrative staff. Prolingua serves clients located in and around the Tokyo area, sending trainers out to the client’s site. Prolingua’s office is located in Waseda, near the center of metropolitan Tokyo.

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Bio for Mark Lewis

mark lewisMark Lewis designs and writes all of Prolingua’s curriculum, based on his 15 plus years of training Japanese business people. He is also responsible for hiring and training Prolingua instructors. Mr. Lewis earned a bachelors degree in business administration from the University of Southern California, and an MBA from California State University at Long Beach. His work experience includes employment as an inspector with the U.S. Customs service, as a manager with a major U.S. Freight company and as an instructor with several Tokyo based training companies.

Bio for Masao Maeda

Masao MaedaMasao Maeda handles Prolingua’s finances and general administration, in addition to client support. His previous work experience includes managing retail outlets for Yamaha Inc., and as a curriculum director for another large language training company.

Bio for Mitsuru Sakai

Mitsuru SakaiMitsuru Sakai has accumulated more than 35 years of experience providing foreign language training and has worked with many of the top international companies in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. He also has experience as a textile importer for a Japanese trading company and is an avid golfer.